Honestly, I'm too tired for all this.

Three (now very quiet) people told me something. It's cool that they're quiet— I'm the one who stirs the pot. It's been my thankless job from the beginning.


I was probably wrong to accuse SH based on things said to me and my own (oft off-base) instincts. But his attempted slights do him discredit.

It really is too much work for me to be nice to most of you. I'd like to say that I look forward to Clashtalk becoming the "All Old Lady Lonely Hearts and Cooking and Cats" board, but that's not the case. I'll miss the shit out of it.


Back in the day— a whole year ago, maybe— it was supposed to be fun and punk and cool and all that shit.

But here we are.

I'll be around on the main boards, but I'm not going to be fucking with this shit for a while. The trolls, my own suspicions, and the lameness of too many here have finally bested me. The executioner dies now.


Maybe I'll ask Carlos to look in on you fuckers.

Littlewing, I loved you most of all. And, sometimes, Foofy.

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